History of Physics: Part — I

History of Physics: Task - I

You will watch six short video films about some great discoveries in physics made by outstanding scientists.
As you watch match the videos 1-6 with the appropriate headings A-H in the text.
There are two extra headings which you do not need to use.
Video 1:Video 2:Video 3:Video 4:Video 5:Video 6:
  1. Two of the three British physicists admired by Albert Einstein
  2. Scientific masterpiece as a result of an effective “external stimulus”
  3. Crisis in scientific knowledge leading to new insights and discoveries
  4. Electric generator technology appeared due to efforts of these scientists
  5. Another breakthrough in the study of atom and nuclear physics
  6. A surprising discovery inspired by experiments with gold foil
  7. Revolutions and revolutionaries in science
  8. It may take quite a while before a genius gets widely recognized by their professional community