Study of the Universe: Part — I

Study of the Universe: Task - I

You will watch six short video films about the study of the universe.
As you watch match the videos 1-6 with the appropriate headings A-H in the text.
There are two extra headings which you do not need to use.
Video 1:Video 2:Video 3:Video 4:Video 5:Video 6:
  1. The search for “holy grail” in particle physics goes on
  2. Benefits of doing a degree here and getting employed afterwards
  3. Getting closer doesn’t always mean having “friendly” intentions
  4. It caused further evolution of the universe
  5. It’s impossible to escape from it
  6. Different “holes” in our study of the universe
  7. They study physical properties of the universe
  8. Slowing down? – On the contrary. Speeding up!