Study of the Universe: Part — III

Study of the Universe: Task - III

You will watch a video film about the Standard Model and Higgs theory.
As you watch, for questions 14-20 choose the best answer (A, B or C).

14) What do we learn about the Standard Model?
A) It formulates the concept of supersymmetry.
B) It systematizes the fundamental particles into categories.
C) It was developed in the late 20th century.
15) Why is the Standard Model considered to be the triumph of modern physics?
A) Because it has a beautiful mathematical foundation.
B) Because it describes all kinds of particles in the universe and explains their behavior and interaction.
C) Because almost every particle predicted in this theory has been experimentally observed.
16) What is the main drawback of the Standard Model?
A) It doesn’t explain how the fundamental particles get mass.
B) It doesn’t fully describe the essential constituents of the universe.
C) It doesn’t explain some of the most difficult and challenging issues in physics.
17) What is NOT TRUE about Peter Higgs?
A) The theoretical mechanism suggested by him explains how some particles attain mass.
B) He is a British physicist of Scottish origin.
C) He was enjoying his time in Scottish Highlands when he came up with an innovative scientific idea.
18) What is TRUE about the Higgs field?
A) This invisible field is produced by quarks and electrons.
B) This field fills the universe and some particles get mass by interacting with it.
C) This field is created by massless particles like photons.
19) What is the main hypothesis of the Higgs theory?
A) All fields must have an associated particle.
B) All the complexity of nature might be explained in a simple and beautiful way.
C) There must be a special particle that is associated with the Higgs field.
20) Why is the Higgs boson called the “God Particle”?
A) Because if the scientists find it, they will be able to better understand the universe.
B) Because it has been a great discovery in science.
C) Because scientists think that it exists but they cannot detect it.