Study of the Universe: Part — II

Study of the Universe: Task - II

You will watch a short video about dark energy.
As you watch complete the sentences 7-13.
Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
Dark Energy

Over twenty years ago scientists came up with the term 7. .

It was named so because even now there is more 8. than known about this scientific problem.

Scientists assume that dark energy is not particles but an intrinsic energy contained in 9. itself.

The thing is that dark energy is hard to study experimentally because something called 10. makes it invisible for scientists.

The amount of dark energy is the most baffling 11. for scientists as they cannot give the exact answer to it.

Some researchers suppose that the amount of dark energy might be various 12. of the universe.

More knowledge about dark energy will definitely help us better understand the universe and 13. in it.