Nanotechnology: Part — II

Nanotechnology: Task - II

You will watch a short video film about the use of nanotechnology in cancer therapy.
As you watch complete the sentences 7-13.
Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
Nanotechnology for cancer treatment

The described new cancer treatment method makes it possible to enhance 7. and doesn’t add toxicity in standard radiotherapy.

Nano x-ray nanoparticles are extremely 8. .

The soft 9. around them reduces undesirable interaction with the body.

Nanocrystals accumulate and 10. in a tumour after the nanoparticle suspension has been injected directly into it.

11. is the major limitation of the standard radiotherapy treatment as it kills not only cancer cells but healthy cells as well.

Only one 12. can increase the x-rays effect of several radiotherapy sessions and eventually reduce the tumour.

It is claimed that 13. can be used to combat different types of cancer.