Interdisciplinary Physics: Part — II

Interdisciplinary Physics: Task - II

You will watch a video talk of Professor Steven Block from Stanford University.
As you watch complete the sentences 7-13.
Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
Single Molecule Biophysics

Being a professor at Stanford University, Steven Block works in two different departments – the Department of Biology and the Department of 7. .

The tools from physics such as microscopes, 8. enable him to study a variety of problems in biology.

The new area of biology known as single molecule biophysics aims at studying the proteins, the nucleic acids, the carbohydrates, the chemicals that make up a human – one molecule 9. .

The laser-based technology, known as optical tweezers or the 10. allows scientists to manipulate and measure molecules.

The researchers can use the force of infrared rays’ radiation pressure coming from a laser to capture and manipulate 11. and nucleic acids.

Thanks to this technology Professor Block and his colleagues in Stanford University have been able to study the motion of RNA polymerase on DNA – the enzyme which reads 12. .

The professional background 13. and the instruments from physics are required to do such research.