Scientific Solutions for Global Issues: Part — II

Scientific Solutions for Global Issues: Task - II

You will watch a short video film about the physics of medical imaging.
As you watch complete the sentences 7-13.
Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
The physics of medical imaging

The ability to make medical diagnosis much earlier is a significant advantage provided by 7. .

It makes it possible to essentially increase the chances for the positive outcome of a 8. in hospital.

Ultrasound, electromagnetic waves, radioactivity and magnetic resonance imaging are four 9. which are used in medical imaging.

For diagnosing fluid, cavities and stones in some organs 10. is mainly used. It also allows doctors to effectively monitor all the structures inside the developing baby or fetus throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Ultrasound diagnostics is non-invasive and it 11. .

Its work is based on changing 12. to sound energy by the piezoelectric transducer or probe.

Sound waves are created by the vibrating 13. to which potential difference is applied.