Scientific Solutions for Global Issues: Part — III

Scientific Solutions for Global Issues: Task - III

You will watch a video film about the nuclear fusion for solving energy problems.
As you watch, for questions 14-20 choose the best answer (A, B or C).

14) Why is it necessary to develop completely new energy sources?
A) Fossil fuels cannot ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly development.
B) Fossil fuels can satisfy only 80% of the world’s need for energy.
C) The burning of fossil fuels harms the environment.
15) What is the main reason for so much interest in nuclear fusion research world-wide?
A) Such research has lots of challenges and requires international collaboration.
B) Nuclear fusion should become the mainstream energy source in the near future.
C) In the future nuclear fusion power plants might be able to meet our demand for energy in a safe and sustainable way.
16) What is nuclear fusion?
A) It’s the reaction in which atomic nucleus splits into helium nucleus and neutron and produces a lot of energy.
B) It’s the reaction between light atomic nuclei resulting in an extensive energy production.
C) It’s the reaction in which two hydrogen isotopes fuse and produce a large amount of energy.
17) What is the MAJOR advantage of nuclear fusion?
A) It’s based on a high speed chain reaction.
B) Nuclear fusion is safe because it doesn’t produce end products.
C) It’s based on the reaction which can be stopped at any time.
18) What is the main limitation of the Deuterium-Tritium reaction which underlies nuclear fusion?
A) Tritium is a super heavy hydrogen.
B) The natural resources of tritium are very limited in the world.
C) Tritium is a weak radioactive emitter whose half-time period is only about 12 years.
19) What is NOT TRUE about Lithium according to the film?
A) It can replace Tritium in the D-T-reaction.
B) It is an abundant and cheap raw material.
C) It can be used for the artificial production of Tritium.
20) What is the ITER Project aimed at?
A) Finding the way for the safe and controlled use of the sun’s energy production mechanism on earth.
B) Building an experimental fusion power reactor in Europe.
C) Intensifying the nuclear fusion research through international collaboration.